we think we’ve got a city apartment, pretty much at iowa and western. we are just waiting for the credit apps to go thru. im probably gonna sell alot of stuff due to this new lack of space, like a weight bench and a mongo tv and maybe a queen-size bedroom set and even my computer. its life changin, thats all. then to enroll at UIC but still work out here in elmhurst. so if you wanna buy anything, email me now. gotta work out the oswald email address sometime soon too. this weekend got me up early both days. first for radicalism at a union hall, meeting with direct action network chicago. sunday was for breakfast for my mom. at the meeting, i was made well aware of the infighting of the different lefty groups. also, almost everyone seemed to consider themselves anti-capitalist. my view is that capitalism just needs a strong dose of socialism in the forms of steeply progressive taxation and public services like health care and education. their insistence on separation and definition troubled me. isnt anything progressive good? too many didnt think so. do we cooperate or confront groups like the IMF and WB? shouldnt it be both?! probably just pick the group you feel closest too but support all that support the same agendas and issues. still a green so far.

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