have you forgotten? no, not about the many who died today, 2 years ago. tears in my eyes while watching a special on msnbc. trouble in my throat when i listen to springsteen’s ‘the rising’. ive got a cop and a fireman for brothers. my use of those words are not those of a song to rally support for a war. i utter them to rouse the memory, the memory of how our anger and fears were manipulated into a war we did not need. i rallied with like-minded folks in downtown chicago. i joined with them to march and block traffic on lake shore drive. i did it because i felt it was right. and it was fun. i did not know. i did not know if i was right or wrong, but it felt right to me. my heart and my head. there was this mock law class at NU law school yesterday that i went to. chicago ave, between michigan and lake shore drive, where we got held up by police after the march, that night before i had my wisdom teeth removed. there was a peace rally at water tower place, last night. luckily i was early enough to stop by before the class. guy asked me if i had them, and so i did and gave him a dean button and bumper sticker. it was not all supposed to be connected like this, 911 and this war, nor this life.

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