i think i gotta modify my tax plan, the one i mentioned on the 13th. there is the issue of finding out a wealthy person’s income, by which i mean payroll and gains from investment. also, as this article points out, many of the profits made by a company dont make it out as income to the employees or shareholders. my plan didnt account for that. still, the taxes could be simplier and maybe my plan just needs a little tweakin. the man from alcoa, our treasury secretary, wants to get rid of social programs like social security and medicare. roll em back into single unified welfare and universal health care system respectively, paid by a progressive tax plan like i tried to put forth, and ill agree. id bet america might too. ive known for a while the chemical wasting of nutrients and energy that occurs in a carnivore diet, but i never did know the commonly understood waste of energythat goes into the business. i need to stop with the moo and oink. powell has now decided yes to an observing force like the palestinians and UN wanted, and we rejected, not so long ago. any bets on how long till the puppeteer team of cheney & rumsfield & rove make the Dubya doll call back the defiant secretary?

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