have you noticed the almost dramatic drop in gas prices? did demand decrease? did everyone just decide to drive less or leave the SUV at home? it doesnt appear that way to me. supply must have increased and got cheaper then. but OPEC didnt drop the prices or increase output. wait, OPEC’s prices havent changed for a long time, being about the same for the last couple years. what could it be? who was makin all the money and now is makin a bit less? why would they do that? were they doin somethin they shouldnt of and then got caught? oh yeah, the middle man. the refining companies. they must of figured out that decreasing supply means increasing profit. but somebody snitched em out, and now we get to see what they didnt want us to, that they used their oligopoly to keep out competitors, cut the refining capacity, make a bundle, and blame it all on environmental protections. still, i cant blame em. they are just abusin the system to make mo money. i blame the game, not the playa.privatizin social security, like that makes any sense. more social services, not less.

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