new theory: get rid of payroll and even corporate taxes, and just drastically modify income taxes. make it like a fifty percent tax on all income over like $100,000. a little socialism while keeping the capitalist competition. accepting that corporate taxes are eventually really paid by the consumer, and payroll taxes are thus similarly split between employee and consumer, but companies still bitch about them, lets help both of them out. why should the rich have to pay more? cause we want to keep this a land of opportunity. “by tearing down the tollbooths on the way to the middle-class” and even farther, making products cheaper by removing the cost companies have to pass on down to consumers due to corporate taxes and the company-paid part of payroll taxes, and lessening the burden of retirement preparation on the middle-class to allow for greater investment in america, we can continue to improve on the opportunities afforded american citizens through public education and health care. in these united states, we must continue the tradition, allowing all of our people greater opportunity so that thru hard work, they can make their dreams come true. pyramidal societies dont work as they eventually cause revolution. cept for maybe egyptians, but i bet thats what befell them after the opiate of religion wore off.

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