good one. went to a politics forum today at UIC. pretty good, talk on foreign policy, IL and law, and the 2004 election. carol was there. i think she noticed me in my Dean shirt. i was gonna use the lunch break to go down to daley plaza, and be dean visible. but the schedule changed, and i missed the bus too. anyway, one new realization today. the democratic party is a bunch of pussies. i think it starts with the nature of all politicians to not want to alienate anyone, but in comparison to the republicans, the dems always look weak. it comes from being beholden to special interests, and here i include them all. corporations, gay rights groups, environmental, unions, just to name a couple. the two party system means that if you are mainly interested in only one issue, you have two choices. perhaps they both are against you, and then you are stuck with nothing, aka third party politics or revolution. perhaps one is with you and one is against. then your decision is easy. what if both dont really give a shit, or maybe only a little poop? then you have to go with whoever might be closer, or you are gonna get somewhat more fucked by the other party. basically this should be the strength of the system. is this misunderstood? is this what madison meant?

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