abortions for some, little american flags for others. truth for the government, bullshit for the people. so now it all makes a little more sense. the question remains how so many with the better info still decided to support it. so many people were saying the public report was bullshit. if you remember how it was at the time, there seemed to be a problem talking about it. besides being called unpatriotic and shit, there were no facts to go back to. it seemed like folks were from different planets. it is often like that with liberals and conservatives, but this was somehow worse. amazingly, the people were told shit that wasnt true to pump up support. so the word that you got from most media was propaganda. the other sources, coming from ex-CIA or other former staffers, bubbled up via the internet or alternative media. turns out those, so simply dismissed, were most similar to that given to our elected officials. so who do you trust now?

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