Truly Honest and Direct. That’s why he is inspiring! A Record of Accomplishment. That’s why he’s electable!
I have been thinking, and we need to explain the slogans like ‘take our country back’. why are we so inspired? I think most people in America think we are all leftists who wish to take the Democratic party in that direction, and we are energized at the prospect of doing so. but the truth is, we were inspired and are inspired by a politician who tells us the truth, and who asks us to understand and explain to others that we cannot have a lot more from government without paying some more. We cannot have a government that looks out for us without getting involved ourselves, because the special interests will, understandably, always be doing whatever they can to get favors.
So, we were impressed and looked into him further. It couldnt be that this guy actually had a record to back him up, could it? But of course we found that he did, a thoroughly impressive resume of dedicating himself to others as first a doctor, and then a legislater and governor. And as governor, he was impressively fiscally responsible and reasonable on all issues. Yet, he did not back down in any fight nor change his stands when polls showed them politically dangerous. Obviously, we got hooked.
And that is why he has convinced us to devote our time and money. We still believe in what America can be, honest and direct and united and dedicated to the hard work from all of us that it takes!
Dean for America

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