just wanna say one more thing about tax cuts, republicans, and responsibility. we all hear alot from the republicans about how less money for the government will mean it will get smaller and there will be less waste. how it will necessitate the end of wasteful programs and no more money will be allocated for bad new programs. we all know that might not happen, as the debt can just be expanded. but my bigger concern, cause they claim it is always theirs, is how this is just a most irresponsible way to shrink govt and make it more efficient. face up to what you think should get pitched and just vote no. explain yourself. otherwise you will just often end up blaming others for spending and being shamed into supporting programs you might not believe in, especially if you are unwilling to take a principled stand and explain to your constituents why you feel that way. the current ‘starve the govt’ approach is simply weak and prone to failure.

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