went to boston last weekend, saturday thru monday night. good times, lobster and history and just exploration, and the newbury comics cd store. all much better than the 8 hours on a plane coming back. storm at the destination airport, chicago ohare, and so we waited a long time to take off and in the holding pattern and while diverted in detroit to refuel. i dont like to fly, only really for political reasons. so that whole experience has combined with stuff on maglev trains and watching pbs to find out amtrak will cease operations if they dont get a big loan by july 1st. govt holding them to profitability, while no transportation is truly profitable. public subsidizes roads and air traffic control, not to mention huge bailouts of airlines. a very fullsaturday. house is sold, everything needs to be out by july 14th, includin a very big tv. uic/polisci. woohoo

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