a day off to vote, not that people would, is still a great idea. worth a try. did ya know there was a homing beacon on the test missile that was shot down during the last test of the son of star wars missile defense thingy? still, they are getting better, cause they rigged the prior two tests the same way and they still failed. coming up next week is the founding of the campus greens so close to home, at UIC. i wanna go, but i do want someone to join me. should i take friday off? there is a rally connected to it friday at 730pm at the congress theater, with ralph and winona and jello and even ani. hope its not sold out yet. and then the world bank / imf meeting in d.c. from sept 28th to oct 4th. its a lot of days. and who cares? why should you? heres a primer. it would be amazing to keep it completely non-violent and huge. rally at the mall. ive only been there for less than an hour or so.

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