my dad’s family owned and ran ‘the university restaurant’ from the twenties to the late seventies. the family restaurant, we’re greek, had to be. it was across the street from the cook county hospital. its where my mom and dad met, as she worked at as a nurse at the hospital while he was behind the counter. almost sixty years, never closed, twenty-four hour deal. i recently asked my dad about it cause of studs terkel’s article in rollingstone magazine. he mentioned that the wells-grand was by cook county hospital, and so i asked my dad about it and studs and labor movements. this meant i had to hear about a relative named pete who cheered the cops on in ’68 when they beat protestors at the democratic convention. seems there was more tho. my uncle, the one im named after, worked the night shift. we was pretty friendly with the cops too, gave them free drinks and food. one night/early morning in december of ’69, some cops came in and told what they had just done. they had killed some people, some black panthers, Fred Hampton and Mark Clark. they said they wish they could of taken out some more.

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