mentioning my view on the israeli issue, cause mike told people to email me about it but they havent. i just think israel needs to do something without demanding something in return first. they need to not only suspend all building in the disputed lands of the west bank and gaza strip, but repeal their presence completely from those areas. and let it be that way forever on. not make a big fuss about it, just do it cause its right. and if israeli settlers want to move out there still, refuse to support them militarily. tell them that it is palestinian land and thats how its gonna be. now back to what i really want to talk about, and thats this nuclear power jazz. the old plan was to store the waste at the site it was created. since the plants would only run for 40 years, they would only have to store that much waste. not a big problem, once you convince people to let you build the plant in the first place. Dubya’s new plan calls for extending the life of these plants, which means the plants will run out of space to put the waste. so there is a permanent waste site being envisoned, Yucca Mountain in Nevada. but the people of Nevada dont want that to happen, would you? this is also why the plan envisions increasing the size of current nuclear plants because its hard to get citizens to approve new nuclear plants. that hasnt happened for 20 years. until there is some kinda conclusion on waste storage, it doesnt seem to me a good idea to go further with nuclear plans. and while nuclear is usually nice and clean and pretty, would you support the source whos only real problem is catastrophic. we know fossil fuels suck cause theyre dirty and limited. so what about solar? not cost-efficient yet? not dependable yet? we dont have the technology to do it yet? well, if we are willing to try to make this son of star wars thing feasible, doesnt it make sense to do whatever we have to for efficient production by solar? make that the new american challenge, something people say cant be done but we prove otherwise. american ingenuity. our moon landing. something about having faith in the american people that i hear over and over. put some panels on your roof and make the meter run backwards,use the grid as a big ass battery.

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