lesser developed countries as indentured servants, thats one way to keep the capitalist wheels turning. till this last half-century, it seems the system just took native lands or resources while using slave or unorganized domestic labor. but recently, there are new committees making big plans and major shit goin down. its composed of all those acronyms youd rather not know, theyd rather you not understand. im gonna try, but im not there yet. the next big party is around my birthday. d.c. to boot.
read this article, due to a link at commondreams.org of course. it speaks of the IMF and those others that all mean the same. in it, it mentions Botswana as a country that has been able to turn itself around because it refused the IMF policies. less than an hour later, i switched on newshour on pbs just in time to hear the word Botswana, how it was a country that somehow had enough leadership to make a dramatic improvement. not mentioning the IMF as far as i could tell, explaining that it was this ‘leadership quality’ that just doesnt appear enough in africa

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