im not as aggressive as these folks, but i think ive got a new idea that would produce less anger and so possibly even some serious thought and consideration. also comes from a concept i found in anadbusters magazine. putting tickets under the windshield wipers of SUVs, pickups, and other light trucks that dont appear to be used for work. asking for monetary reimbursement to me and all other drivers of fuel-efficient cars. of course it sucks that the environment is polluted more than it need be by them, but im not innocent here as i should drive less too. the ticket would mention that, but only in passing as the environmental argument usually only angers folks who must be somewhat aware of that already. i get the sense that suburbanites in general have a near-hatred for the green argument already. but anyway, back to the main argument about why we deserve economic retribution. the right thinks they got the economic arguments all sewed up. im here to disagree, and im gonna play to the audience. by driving inefficient vehicles, more gas is needed. demand for oil is increased. when supply doesnt keep up, price goes up. simply, by your choice of driving an SUV or truck when you dont need to, i end up having to pay more for gas. over the years, fuel-efficiency has dramatically increased too. if there wasnt an increase in people driving wasteful vehicles, prices would only be adjusted only for inflation. so id like a little cash back, says this capitalist pig. PS – or we could enforce certain laws, increasing the size of the government and all that, but im sure you dont want that! thats silly, then id be infringing on your freedom

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