i was about to get rid of the link to ‘liberals like christ’, it didnt work anyway. but i went to where is was supposed to, and looked around a little. happy to report its gonna stay, cause through it i found a bookabout connecting spirit to engaging activism. peace
profit over people…in all its disgusting details. the links are made so fucking obvious here. why us greenies are so damn pissed. corporations fund politicians who use their power to enforce intellectual property rights through the WTO and threats of economic punishment. it doesnt matter that the legality is in question cause its a foreign country, or that the situation is AIDS on the african continent which many say may be the worst humanitarian disaster ever. that is american foreign policy, protecting OUR interests. sick sick sick sick sick, are those OUR interests? do we not see how this causes wars? or do some see and relish it? i cannot believe the higher ups are so blind. its the economy, stupid

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