my counter just made it past 1401, i guess i can thank all the naked posing in front of the web cam. nudity works! as you can tell from that, i feel like i have nothing to post recently. the weather has been beautiful here recently, cept for the rain that made puddles in my basement room. im using napster again, gnutella has not been working, sad to say. so what really got me to do it was that the pumpkins released their last album on the net kinda. only on vinyl, like 25 songs and only 25 copies. then they told those they gave a copy to to mp3 it all and spread it. i got some of the songs last night, but the quality aint that great. maybe that was just the ones i got, but maybe its the vinyl to mp3 issue. today someone said they were gonna release it on cd too, maybe thru billy’s new label, constantinople or something. it was supposedly a fuck you to their label. go billy, i think i pegged it in that earlier post maybe…allow me to enlighten anyone not yet hip, kicks ass. so simple and easy. why not pay me.

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