so i must stay awake
im at work, got back about 20 minutes ago after seeing the patriot, i dont really recommend it though either, neither does mike. i wish i could understand the war thing a little better. how the hell does it happen? who is willing to kill for another person’s cause? even for their own really? the revolutionary war was about taxation without representation? that is worth killing over? seems to me some greedy bastards took some land from indians and didnt want their deaths for that to go to waste. how do we do all of it, steal some land, and then build some really good ideals around it. or is it just always that way? get what you can, but pacify the objectors and your own concience with moral ideology. other shit i gotta say. two crazy cases were ruled on by the supreme court recently. partial birth abortion and discrimination against gays by the boy scouts OF AMERICA. partial birth abortions are yucky. but they do belong under the right for a woman to choose i think, course i wish she could of chosen better before the sex or even earlier in the term. still, it should always be up to her and her doctor. doesnt ever seem the best choice, but i am not in a position to make that call. why cant we allow someone who is to? and about the boy scouts, i guess we can all be glad we still have one group to pick on. people are dumb and slow to learn. couldnt they at least get a separate but equal troop? and different fountains while we are at it? sarc

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