listening to blink…a note to all who drive: if the lane is ending, and someone is letting you in, please take advantage. i was letting people in today, giving so much space, still people drive right up to the end. genius. football kicked a today. just felt good. wish the DMV didnt suck though, lines around the block. craze. and the Andy Kaufman story was good, man on the moon. made me drop out of myself, not that the fact my girl might be leaving for cali for the summer and longer. back to Kaufman though, neat guy. like morrison, its all about mob, audience, responses. stepping out of life but into the moment, watching people react. fuck my and your self, love life. but then you are always left with the question of who these guys were really, did we see it at all, does it matter. is there a real anything? should there be. staticflux, says no and all the better. you know, he is living in my basement with jimbo.

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