its late and im still at work, cause i left to see NIN and A Perfect Circle, maynard’s side project. damn good. seems APC is an extension in the direction of “Push It” live. deeply introspective and all about true relationship shit. i love that guy. they also covered a Cure song, i know it but not the name. and id never seen NIN before and im sad about that now. their new album is so good, and they mixed it in perfectly with the classic older stuff. they opened by playing the first song off the new album behind a curtain, just shadows. didnt open them till it was over, really neat. yeah, so this was another damn fine show that got me in touch with feelings i needed to explore again. a little mosh, punched in the face. concerts are really my escape, meditation, nirvana.
yep, i must be dumb. 34 people and companies gave Bush Jr. $250,000 each because they simply want good government. no, not preferential treatment. he is amazing, collected more than $20 million at one event. and the NRA support Republicans for the same reason, they just want fair government. there is gonna be a hearing on the elian thing. not because people want one, 68% say no. i guess i dont know why really. i guess cause the issue deserves that much attention. we need to spend more money and time on it. maybe its the same reason we spent so much looking into the president’s personal problems. but how dare we waste a dime on welfare or supporting the working poor’s healthcare situation. clinton is an evil evil man, right? hate. we are wasting a lot of time and money on it.

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