6: Immigration and Mr Wegerson

Sunday, April 28 2019 – 9pm till Midnight CST

This was a live recording hosted by William. He discussed current concerns over immigration in a personal context and environmentalism as religion. Then he spoke with Jeff Wegerson (Twitter: @JWegerson), a lefty community blogging buddy from over 10 years ago. They discussed a lot including electoral politics, political blogging, global warming, a system that works and money.

0:00:10 – “Drum Trip”: When I Woke (1994) by Rusted Root
0:35:45 – Not all Trump supporters (I was apparently referencing an old clip that only hit my feed this week)
0:39:30 – “Voices in My Head”: Patch The Sky (2016) by Bob Mould
0:44:15 – Chief Seattle’s Speech
0:55:05 – “Play Your Part (Pt. 1)”: Feed the Animals (2008) by Girl Talk
1:02:30 – conversation begins
1:40:00 – Global Warming
1:56:20 – Powell Memorandum (not doctrine)
1:58:20 – What Confucius Teaches Those Who Want a Better World | Ian Welsh
2:05:00 – Moral Foundations Theory
2:09:30 – Modern Monetary Theory
2:39:50 – RussiaGate is Really Finished | Moon of Alabama
2:41:00 – Julian Assange is Being Used as a Smokescreen | Scheer Intelligence
2:55:00 – “Over the Counterculture”: Over the Counter Culture (2006) by Tim Fite
2:58:40 – “To Defy the Laws of Tradition”: Frizzle Fry (1990) by Primus

note: all timestamps are estimated