206: Texas and Ohio

LIVE: Sunday, July 16 2023 @ 9:00PM central

Two weeks of news and lots of .

Current Events: July 3-16 2023 | Wikipedia

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Musical Interludes:
“Fool” by Sneeze Attack from Maxwell (2017) [CC BY-NC-SA]
“Memory – Khoros” by Starfish Stories::The Band from 2012 DEKA (2012) [CC BY]
“130cuxx” by protman from VOIDCOMP_20140318 (2014) [CC BY-NC-SA]
“I LOSE MY HEAD” by Freedonia from SHENOBI (2017) [CC BY-NC-SA]
“Royale Fuck Deluxe (2002 Megamix)” by The Arrogant Sons of Bitches from All the Little Ones Are Rotting (2009) [CC BY-NC-SA]
“The New Winter” by Resurrectionists from Now That We Are All Ghosts (2023) [CC BY-NC-SA]
“Two Halves Behold” by Cullah from 1/2 (2021) [CC BY]
“Danser Comme Un Bébé” by The Dark Clan from Hall of Fame (2015) [CC BY-SA]
“Happy Anterrabae Day!” by Bomb the Music Industry! from To Leave or Die in Long Island (2005) [CC BY-NC-SA]
“How to Have a Mental Breakdown on Mars” by Aries Death Cult from GAEA (2021) [CC BY-NC-SA]
“Bounce House” by Lenin/McCarthy from Art (2010) [CC BY-NC-SA]
“Hunt You Down” by Lights Out, God Help Me from Nemesis (2013) [CC BY-NC-SA]
“Little Fits” by The Fullerenes from Better Dating Through Technology (2000) [CC BY-NC-SA]
“Envy Is All the Rage” by Action Chief from Just the Solos (2022) [CC BY-NC-SA]