201: Cognitive Empathy

LIVE: Sunday, June 4 2023 @ 9:00PM central

Two weeks of news and lots of .

Current Events: May 22 – June 4 2023 | Wikipedia

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Musical Interludes:
“Skyline” by Sister City from Sister City / Uncle Father Oscar (2015) [CC BY-NC-ND]
“Monsters” by Philipp Weigl from Monsters (2011) [CC BY-SA]
“Passage 1” by The Erratic Retaliator Strategy from Instructions (2020) [CC BY-NC-SA]
“Celestial Glow” by Beastmaker from Eye of the Storm (2019) [CC BY-NC]
“Lucy Loves Johnny” by Sneeze Attack from Maxwell (2017) [CC BY-NC-SA]
“Peyote” by Kinematic from Kites (2017) [CC BY-NC-ND]
“154danjo” by protman from Balloonomania (2011) [CC BY-NC-SA]
“There Is Trouble” by The Taxpayers from A Rhythm In the Cages (2009) [CC BY-NC-SA]
“June” by Nowhere Again from Now I Am Twenty (2011) [CC BY-NC-SA]
“Lily Rose” by Zach Fleury from Tapes and Reels: Cheetah Prints 7.7.17 (2017) [CC BY-NC-ND]
“I So Told You So” by O Pioneers! from Neon Creeps (2008) [CC BY-NC-SA]
“Garbage In, Garbage Out” by Good Shade from Lunch (2017) [CC BY-NC-SA]
“Days 2 Come” by SPIEDKIKS from MARY POPPIN’ MEDICINE (2022) [CC BY-NC-SA]
“Scram!” by Jeff Rosenstock from NO DREAM (2020) [CC BY-NC-SA]
“Another Lonely Night” by Moderator from As the Lights Fade (2014) [CC BY-NC-SA]
“Dass wir die Leiden” by Die Leere im Kern deiner Hoffnung from Es ist schwer ein Gott zu sein (2020) [CC BY-SA]