162: Three Weeks

LIVE: Sunday, July 17 2022 @ 9PM CT

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Wikipedia News: June 27 – July 17, 2022

Musical Interludes:
“Tease It Like A Cop” by Big Blood from Big Blood & The Bleedin’ Hearts (2008) [CC BY-NC-ND]
“1945” by Big Mountain County from 7″ BMC (2013) [CC BY-NC-SA]
“Facades” by Binary Heart from Brighter Days (2015) [CC BY-NC-SA]
“Don’t Come Around Here No More (please)” by The Brave Little Abacus from Okumay (2012) [CC BY-NC-SA]
“Sitting On A Song” by Captive Portal from Bloke Sitting (2015) [CC BY-SA]
“The Cutting Room Floor” by Chewing On Tinfoil from Marrowbone Lane (2013) [CC BY-NC-SA]
“Wave Goodnight To Me” by Death Rosenstock from Thanks, Sorry! (2019) [CC BY-NC-SA]
“Must Be Nice” by Diners from It’s All True (2015) [CC BY-NC-SA]
“Can’t Blame the Bankrobber” by Dread Pirate Roberts from Word Power (2018) [CC BY-NC-SA]
“God’s Pawns” by Good Shade from Lunch (2017) [CC BY-NC-SA]
“Heart Tits” by The Grammar Club from Bremelanotide (2007) [CC BY-NC-SA]
“The Internet Is Everywhere” by Jeff Rosenstock from I Look Like Shit (2012) [CC BY-NC-SA]
“Indie Cindy & The Lo-Fi Lullabies” by Lemon Demon from Dinosaurchestra (2006) [CC BY-NC-SA]
“Play Dat Soul” by Ménage Quad from Swing Soirée (2013) [CC BY-ND]
“Neon Phenomenon” by neonfish [CC BY-NC-ND]
“erase me” by no hope no harm [CC BY]
“Heterosexuality is a construct” by Onsind from Dissatisfactions (2010) [CC BY-NC-SA]
“Interdimensional Panic Club” by The Polish Ambassador from Twilight Safari (2018) [CC BY-NC-ND]
“Glasgow Summer” by Starship Nicola from Got Me Singin’ the Blues (2016) [CC BY-NC-ND]
“Blue of Distance” by Very Okay from Small Loud (2011) [CC BY-NC-SA]
“so” by willis drummond from istanteak (2011) [CC BY-NC-SA]
“Real Swing Shet” by Ménage Quad from Swing Soirée (2013) [CC BY-ND]