149: Struggling

LIVE: Sunday, April 10 2022 @ 9PM CST

Two weeks of news and .

Wikipedia News: March 21 – April 3, 2022

Musical Interludes:
“occupied” by Matthew Tyas from waiting for the end (2022) [CC BY-NC-SA]
“Ben Weasel Thinks We Suck” by The Max Levine Ensemble from Ben Weasel Split 7″ (2009) [CC BY-NC-SA]
“With All of My Intelligence” by Unwoman from Circling (2014) [CC BY-NC-SA]

“Should I Dance or Should I Die” by The Spin Wires from The Spin Wires EP (2017) [CC BY-NC-SA]
“My Heart Beats Slow” by Urbantramper from Tomorrow We Leave Here (2013) [CC BY-NC-SA]
“Grand Hopes” by Some Skeletons from And Signs & Ampersands (2012) [CC BY-NC-SA]

“Now I Know Better” by Show Me Island from Ring Around & Run (2016) [CC BY-NC-ND]
“Head Down” by Nine Inch Nails from The Slip (2008) [CC BY-NC-SA]
“Can Dialectics Break Bricks?” by Shinobu from Exhaustive, Exhaustive (2010) [CC BY-NC-SA]

“Chains from Galilee” by Bare Knuckles from Root Bound (2009) [CC BY-NC-ND]
“Applause” by Farr Well from Bridges from the Northside (2017) [CC BY-NC-ND]
“Close To Me” by KC Nevijay & C Dub from 200 Proof Soul (2015) [CC BY-NC-ND]

“Darkness” by Pinegrove from Skylight (2018) [CC BY-NC-SA]
“107bink” by protman from Balloonomania (2011) [CC BY-NC-SA]
“Plans” by Nowhere Again from Now I Am Twenty (2011) [CC BY-NC-SA]