145: War and Peace

LIVE: Sunday, February 27 2022 @ 9PM CST

Thoughts about Ukraine, two weeks of news and lots of .

Wikipedia News: February 14-27, 2022

Musical Interludes:
“Leviathan” from Wall of Sound (2021) by KLSHNKV [CC BY-NC-SA]
“Agenda” from Echoes (2019) by Roller Genoa [CC BY-NC-ND]
“What They Do is Not Art” from Solitude (2020) by Cloudkicker [CC BY-NC-SA]
“Z.U.M.O.” from A Magnifique Bande doe Homes sen Medo (2012) by Para Descarregar Gratis Merca Por 0 Euros [CC BY]
“Honest Truth” from Idiot Heart (2012) by Carsie Blanton [CC BY-NC-ND]
“Next Year Will Be Better” from Night (2022) by DEgITx [CC BY]
“Stand There Until You’re Sober” from To Leave Or Die In Long Island (2005) by Bomb the Music Industry! [CC BY-NC-SA]
“My Teeth, Your Lungs” from Daddy Was A Sick-Hearted Singer (2017) by Matt Arbogast [CC BY-NC-ND]
“Don’t Let It Go” from Only A Dream (2021) by Jon Worthy [CC BY]
“You Get What You Get” from The Joke Isn’t Funny But It Goes Like This (2022) by Pierce Murphy [CC BY]
“Act Your Age” from Daughter (2013) by Kira Velella [CC BY]
“This Is Lord” from Join the Bernstein Corporation (2010) by Jorge Bernstein & the pioupioufuckers [CC BY-NC-ND]
“The Two Trees of Valinor” from 1/2 (2021) by Cullah [CC BY]
“Departing Myself” from Queendom Come (2009) by ZOE.LEELA [CC BY-NC-SA]
“Oh My My” from Two Bullets (2021) by Two Bullets For The Devil [CC BY-NC-SA]
“Challenger” from Echoes (2019) by Roller Genoa [CC BY-NC-ND]