Archives: Podcast

187: Escalation and Reconsideration

News, #libremusic and a bit with Kent and search_social.

186: Good Information

News and #libremusic.

185: Web Development

News and #libremusic.

184: Fentanyl and the House Vote

News, #libremusic and “search_social”.

183: Holiday Show

Two weeks of news and #libremusic.

182: Whole Lotta Linguistics

Mostly just a conversation with search_social, num, Torchkas and Zero Contradiction.

181: Electoral Votes and Twitter

News and #libremusic.

180: Choo Choo

News and #libremusic.

179: Mastodon Matters

News and #libremusic.

178: Trump’s Triple Threats

News, #libremusic and more with Kent and search_social.