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166: Defamation

News and #libremusic.

165: Supermajority

News and #libremusic.

164: Medium Over Message

News and #libremusic.

163: My Bullshit Artist

News and #libremusic.

162: Three Weeks

News and #libremusic.

161: A Replacement Episode

Talking with Kent, Vartus, search_social and Hyolobrika about the the Great Replacement theory and World War II. Some #libremusic. Next episode will be July 17 and full of news.

160: Precedent

Talking with Tony again about evolving healthier social media, local school funding referendums, SCOTUS, conspiracies and more. Then news and #libremusic.

159: Juneteenth

News and #libremusic.

158: Restoring Trust

News, #libremusic and a discussion of Ukraine, guns, and the January 6th Commission with Jonathan.

157: Upgrade in Process

News, #libremusic and a discussion of Ukraine and guns with “search_social”.