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193: Chicago Chooses

Another conversation with Jonathan Edelman, some #libremusic and two weeks of news.

192: Acceptable Alliances

A conversation with “We Are Many, They Are Few”, then a week of news and some #libremusic.

191: its ok to be evil

News, #libremusic and lots of talking with Kent.

190: Balloons Gone Wild

News, #libremusic and talking with Tony.

189: Hospitable To All

News and #libremusic.

188: The Struggle

News, #libremusic and DC.

187: Escalation and Reconsideration

News, #libremusic and a bit with Kent and search_social.

186: Good Information

News and #libremusic.

185: Web Development

News and #libremusic.

184: Fentanyl and the House Vote

News, #libremusic and “search_social”.