Archives: Podcast

177: Crypto Ballots

News, #libremusic and more with Varus and search_social.

176: Fingers Crossed for the Fediverse

News and extra #libremusic.

175: Halloween Eve

A conversation with Gabriel and search_social, then news and #libremusic.

174: Livin La Vida NOLA

A conversation with Pete, then news and #libremusic.

173: Three Week Sprint

Three weeks of news and #libremusic.

172: Kremlin Talking Points

News and #libremusic.

171: Changing the Subject

News and #libremusic.

170: Trouble With Clouds

News and #libremusic and then a conversation with Gabriel and Kent.

169: The JQ Never Ends

News and #libremusic and then a very long conversation with Vartus about his favorite subject.

168: Inflation Management

News and #libremusic and then a conversation with a room full of “troublemakers”.