Join the Conversation

Quick and Easy (relatively)

During the show (Sundays, 9pm Central till midnight) or just before…

1. Install a MATRIX app (or use your browser): Element.IO
2. Open it and follow the instructions to get an account.
3. Join the room:
4. Listen to the stream:

Please, if you’re having any trouble with this, contact me at the links at the bottom of the show page and I’ll walk you through it.

What the Show Is All About

An open conversation (with music) about the news & views that capture our attention every week. Anonymous or not.

My “agenda” is a healthy democracy, getting people to care about both what’s most likely true and what others believe and why. Lots of people do interviews and most listeners pick and choose which ones to listen to based on the guest. Instead, I want to create that deep sense of community conversation, the endless ride-along through this crazy world, with everybody in the same car, for 3 hours a week. Live radio with guests, when it’s done well, has that magic quality.

A core tenet of the Culture War Radio project is that while “liberal values” allow us the basic framework for shared understanding, our different perspectives arise from our different experiences. We have all lived through a series of different situations and influences, knowledge gained and arguments accepted, and we’re different people as a result. So instead of being stuck in our own heads and locked into thinking ill of others who disagree with us, my hope with this is to hear different perspectives and where those views are coming from.

Making the Connection

What I’m trying to achieve is a modern version of talk show phone lines. Instead of having people call in and then needing to manage multiple lines, the matrix protocol allows for people to be in an online chat room from any device they choose and then easily be brought into a voice conversation. And the ask isn’t that big because matrix is an open standard that everyone could/should be using for all kinds of messaging anyway. All that’s needed is a compatible account, an application and making the connection.

There are many options, but the simplest is probably to use Element (in a browser or the app: Get Element) and walk through getting an account (you can use your Facebook, Google, or Apple account and always switch later). Then just join the room ( from a voice conversation capable device during the show (Sundays, 9pm Central till midnight).