Culture War Radio

Our world is more connected than ever before, but that has brought with it a seemingly endless variety of information and opinion sources. Instead of coming together, we are becoming more tribal. We are dividing ourselves into identity groups with opposing worldviews and even different facts. The result is unnecessary conflict and an inability to solve our shared problems. We are in a state of “culture war”.

But we can move forward in peace, and with a sense of fairness. We can make our lives fundamentally better. There are basic principles we’ve known since the Enlightenment, that when embraced and extended, will allow us to live together in community once again. To construct a shared understanding of reality, bridge our differences and rebuild our institutions. But it requires a deeper commitment from all of us, toward greater curiosity, empathy and integrity.

Welcome to Culture War Radio. Liberal Values are Worth Fighting For.

Culture War Radio is an open conversation (with music) about the news & views that capture our attention every week. Hosted by William Maggos and launched in March 2019, the live call-in show is streamed ( from the Chicago suburbs on Sunday nights at 9pm Central till midnight, and released unedited as a podcast.

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