Be My Guest

Please join me in this ongoing public conversation I’m trying to build. Here’s why:

A core tenet of the Culture War Radio project is that while “liberal values” allow us the basic framework for shared understanding, our different perspectives arise from our different experiences. We have all lived through a series of different situations and influences, knowledge gained and arguments accepted, and are different people as a result. So instead of being stuck in our own heads and locked into thinking ill of others who disagree with us, my hope is that this series of conversations will provide for listeners a regular process of hearing why and how others think differently than themselves, and it can make us all more accepting, respectful and interested in others as partners in finding ways to make life better for everyone.

Date/Time: An hour or so, live on Sundays between 9pm and midnight (CST)
How: Audio-only via Skype (wjmaggos) or whatever we can make work…

Conversation Starters:
(you can be anonymous…)
1. Where did you grow up?
2. What year did you graduate high school?
3. What were your parents’ culture, politics, religion etc?
4. What would you say were your biggest influences on your worldview?
5. What is some of your favorite music?
6. Do you have any “outside the norm” opinions?
7. Do you have any recurrent thoughts on recent news/politics?

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