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Internet TV

The Future of Online Video Should Be Open
and a response by the folks who think it should be supported with advertising. (boo, hiss)

What’s the Big Idea?

“What we want, when we want it, and where we want it.” – Cali on
We have an amazing opportunity here.
The internet is not only the perfect distribution system for text and images, but also for audio and video. The main problem is how to fairly reimburse the creators of all this great content, while maintaining the open nature of the internet for those of us who just want to watch or listen. What we need to do is accept that the internet is the perfect system for the free distribution of content, and fans are gonna need to find a better way to support the creators of the stuff they love if only for the selfish reason that they want more of it. We don’t need another service or method to store or distribute content, but we do need a new way to support artists that is internet-friendly.
My idea is to create what amounts to a universal tip jar. It would consist of a media player plug-in like audioscrobbler, a web site, and a non-profit organization to run it and promote it. On the website, you could create either a fan account or a creator account, or both.
Basically, fans would be encouraged to set up a fan account on PP (, and attach to it some monthly donation. They would then download and install a plug-in in every media player that they use. The plug-in would track how much time the fan listens/watches each media file/stream. That information is then regularly transmitted to the web site, which totals the time spent watching/listening to all media for that individual fan for an entire month, and then divides their total monthly donation among the creators of those files/streams based on percentage of time each file/stream was watched/listened to.
Of course, that leads to creator accounts. Creators are encouraged to create a creator account on the site, listing their files/streams and giving the site information on how to distribute them funds.
I believe that by investing the money between the time it is donated by fans at the beginning of the month and distributed at the end of the month to artists, the entire service could be paid for without taking a bite out of the fan getting money to the artist. I think being a non-profit is important to encourage transparency, minimize costs, and discourage competition that might break the system.
If you would like to help make this a reality or have any suggestions, leave a comment below.

Took Them Long Enough

In the past few days, we have been witnessing the early stages of a new media war, mostly over network and cable television programming. NewTeeVee has a post linking to some of the battles so far, but the larger point hasn’t been covered. It is all about the old control over distribution disappearing, and how that results in a business model built on control over distribution failing as well. Its the exact same problem that the music labels are facing, with disastrous results.

the DNC blog is now called ‘Kicking Ass‘. hmm…

this is a must-read about social security in the newest edition of rolling stone. i met joe trippi tonight. he spoke at an event tonight, and then spent all the time he could answering questions and signing books. he was very nice and willing to talk afterwards. i must say thank you very much, even though he doesnt think Dean fits the job. still likes him though, just feels that he isnt right for it and shouldnt be stifled by it.

wouldnt it be nice if the earthquake/tsunami took out osama? perhaps he was just sitting there, smug, on some small island near indonesia (home of the largest islamic population), thinking that he had outsmarted everyone.

simply an alternative way to understand all the games children play. unlike blago, maybe we should think about science and childhood development and not how best to make bullshit laws and play the culture wars to our own future political advantage

seems like ive heard this all before, from my main man howie…perhaps thats why some of them were dean dozeners. we have to take over our party, for the good of the nation