Archives: Podcast

116: Back from Greece

Two weeks of news and music. Next episode will be August 8th.

115: Pretty Hate Machine

Complaining about anti vaxxers and trying to be more reasonable with “search_social”. Then going long with news and music. Last show for a couple of weeks. Sorry.

114: Mile Markers

Music, news and another conversation with Tony mostly about the need for healthy conversations.

113: Dionysus

Just news and music.

112: Tornado Trouble

Another discussion with Jonathan Edelman, then news and music. (Sorry for the technical and tornado caused disjointedness)

111: lowercase critical theory

Critical theory (with a guest appearance by search_social), music and news.

110: sour

News and music.

109: Fourteen Days of News and Music

Two weeks of news and music.

108: What Do We Know

Mostly a discussion of the 2020 election and fear over how we’ll ever agree again, with search_social. No news review, little music.

107: Colonies

A discussion of Israel, the Colonial Pipeline and immigration, then news and music.