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40: The Professor Is In

William spoke with profworr about epistemology, but mostly lots of other stuff. First of many, to be sure.

39: Illiberalism

William covered the week’s news and responded to the illiberal right, kinda.

38: Living in Clip

William recapped the last two weeks of news.

37: Community Without Religion

William and Tony discussed how hard it is to get people to have good conversations with people they disagree with.

36: Back from Florida

William reviewed the news of the last two weeks.

35: Power Politics

William reviewed the news and then discussed with his friend their differing opinions on power politics and what makes a liberal.

34: A River in Egypt

William discussed the importance of liberal values, the problem with the intelligence community in this impeachment process, and this week’s news.

33: Pride and Prejudice

William discussed what he means by liberal values and reviewed this week’s news.

32: Projects for Liberation

William discussed the Free State Project, free software and other efforts at liberation with Dan from the #fediverse. Then he reviewed this week’s news.

31: Government Issue

William discussed current events and the ongoing tech dystopia with his buddy Ames, and then reviewed this week’s news.