we might want to pay attention to voices like his. most would trace the major new trouble in iraq to our shutdown of his anti-american newspaper. freedom of the press. yeah, right. in that, we spoke a universal language. let us consider him as a leader of iraq. this guy breaks with the establishment islamic leaders, calling for concern for the poor from an islamic point of view. he is understood to be a true iraqi. he has had his family killed for political reasons by saddam. seems to me that working with him could lead a transformation of the middle-east. he could be a youthful, compassionate voice of islam to give the people of the region another option besides bin laden. it seems that he embodies all the change we should truly want in the region, except that he is anti-american. we need to face that it will be impossible to find anyone acceptable to them that is not. we could have worked for a political dialogue with him, about what he would like the country and the region to be. instead, we showed him that we do not accept disent but only respect violence.

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